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Employment in Japan

The number of foreign students looking for a job in Japan is increasing because of the many opportunities in Japanese companies.

Many students go to employment agencies which serve as intermediaries between workers and employers and help students to choose the best job option. According to statistics, the number of foreign students that are looking for a job in Japanese companies increased by 48% last year and this is because of the high salaries these companies offer.

Employment agencies in Japan

employment agencies Employment agencies in Japan have many people processing several job applications in order to select skilled professionals, and provide companies with appropriate workers. It’s recommended you contact these employment agencies because they speed up their job recruitment process.

 Employment agencies have a database of available qualified workers. Every time a potential employer advertises for a specific job, all members registered in the employment agency are notified by phone or email.

At this point employment agencies can provide further information to applicants interested in the position. Sometimes a potential employer decides to fix a job interview with a group of candidates.

If you still can’t decide between working in Japan or the USA, have a look at some state jobs in the USA that will help you to choose between these countries.

How to write a good resume

If you are thinking apply for a job in Japan, you may consider write a good and professional resume. Some examples and resume writing tips can be very useful to improve your real opportunities to get a job in this country. It's important language education, your experience in other related companies or for example, other personal questions. You can download some resume examples to see japanese resumes and take some ideas to write your resume for japanese companies.

Japanese culture is quite diferent to other countries, and in your job-searching process you can see diferences. In Japan it's really important the content of your resume, but also your cover letter and interview preparation. You must have well-prepared to interview, specially skills and personal questions.

Japanese resume examples

Resumes in Japan are diferent to European or American resume examples. If you are searching for a job in this Asian country, you must have language skills and a strong education in your resume. Also is important a detailed personal description and highlight your experience in related industries and companies.

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