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Japan currently implemented a new immigration control system, demanding all foreigners entering the territory to be fingerprinted and photographed. These procedures are part of an anti-terrorist policy from which only diplomats, children and some stable residents are exempt.

Around Tokyo

Attracts of Asakusa haven't varied since the Edo period. The conventional focus is Sensoji Temple but the area presents much more in terms of the old city than any other place in Tokyo. Most travellers to Tokyo visit Tokyo Stn too, with its "Shinkansen" bullet train lines.

Central Honshu

Central Honshu or simply Chubu is the intermediate region of the main island of Honshu and is specially the area stretching among Kyoto in the west and Tokyo in the east. The area involve both, the Japan Sea and Pacific Ocean coastal areas and the nine prefectures of Aichi.


Hokkaido is the second largest, northernmost and least developed of Japan's four main islands. Hokkaido has an especially cool climate contrasted to the rest of Japan. Spring sees opulent amounts of flowers and grasses bloom. With its wonderful nature...


Kansai is the western region of the major Japanese island of Honshu, second only to Tokyo's Kanto in residents. The area is also called as Kinki, literally "near the capital" (referring to former capital Kyoto). Differences among Kansai and Kanto are little but innumerable.


Kyushu is Japan's third largest island, situated in the southwest of the major island Honshu. An early center of Japanese civilization, Kyushu provides several historic treasures, modern cities and natural elegance. There are several other evidences of tectonic activity.

Northern Honshu (Tohoku)

The Tohoku Region is conformed of six prefectures in the north of Japan's largest island Honshu. The Tohoku region is well recognised for its countryside, mountains, lakes, high quality rice and rough winters. The zone is also formed by its spectacular scenery.


Stretched over 1000km from the southern tip of Kyushu to 100km east of Taiwan, the Ryukyu Islands, more usually called as Okinawa, is Japan's top beach & resort destination. The major island is also known as Okinawa, as the prefecture. Its capital, Naha (population of 300,000).


Shikoku is Japan's fourth most major island in terms of size and population (pop. 4 million), preceded by Honshu, Hokkaido and Kyushu. Shikoku means "4 countries", and certainly the island is divided in 4 prefectures, corresponding roughly to the old feudal domains.


To travel to Tokyo offers the perfect opportunity to observe the various attractions and hot-spots here. The city of Tokyo, the Japan capitol, is a magnetic mix of urban civilization and traditional culture. Tokyo is a very large city, the metropolis of Tokyo is composed of 23...

Western Honshu (Chugoku)

The Chugoku Region is situated in the western part of Japan's major island Honshu. It's normally partitioned into the ponderously urbanized and industrialized Sanyo region along the Seto Inland Sea coast and the much less developed, rural Sanin region along the Sea of Japan coast.

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