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Attracts of Asakusa haven't varied since the Edo period. The conventional focus is Sensoji Temple but the area presents much more in terms of the old city than any other place in Tokyo.

Most travellers to Tokyo visit Tokyo Stn too, with its "Shinkansen" bullet train lines, commuter and subway lines, subterranean shopping malls and vast marble concourses. The Marunouchi side conserves the original 1914 red-brick station building modeled on the central station in Amsterdam at that time. The mid-section on the Marunouch side includes a special entrance, rarely used, for state guests and the imperial family. Near the Yaesu Chuo (Central) Exit at Midori-no-madoguchi (the "green" service windows) is an information desk for non-Japanese speaking visitors. Just a 5 min walk from the Yaesu side of the station, the 8ridgestone Museum of Art is known for its collection of French lmpressionist art.

The zone located to the east of the station is Nihonbashi, a commercial and business district with a exalted history. Nihonbashi is the nomination of the bridge that served as the starting point for roads leading to different regions of Japan. Actually, the official distance among Tokyo and everywhere else in the country is measured from Nihonbashi.

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