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Explore Japan: Western Honshu

The Chugoku Region is situated in the western part of Japan's major island Honshu. It's normally partitioned into the ponderously urbanized and industrialized Sanyo region along the Seto Inland Sea coast and the much less developed, rural Sanin region along the Sea of Japan coast.
Although the area doesn't have some city with more of 1 million of inhabitants, visiting places of interest is an activity very popular. The prefecture of Yamaguchi has notably lots of small, attractive, historical towns.

The largest city in Chugoku is Okayama, which has a popular black castle reconstruction. Nearby Kurashiki is one of the little-known jewels of Japan, with splendid plenty of museums and even greco-roman edifice.

Izumo Taisha, an hour since Matsue is one of Japan's big shrines. It is said that all the kami (gods) of Japan assemble there for one month a year.

Everyone arriving to Japan knows about Hiroshima, the city where the world's first atomic bomb was thrown in August 1945. The bomb devastated all that could be seen and all that is left for the visitors is in the Peace Memorial Park.

A good day trip from Hiroshima, Miyajima Island is home to one of Japan's most famous view, the floating torii of the Itsukishima Shrine.

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