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Eating in Japan: Other cuisines

Other Cuisines Japan Tempura
Tempura is seafood, vegetables, mushrooms and other pieces of food coated with tempura batter and deep fried. Tempura was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese in the 16th century, but has internationally become one of Japan's most famous dishes.

Other Cuisines Japan Okonomiyaki
Okonomiyaki is a mix between pizza and pancake. Various ingredients such as seafood, vegetables and meat can be mixed with the dough and placed on the okonomiyaki as topping.

Other Cuisines Japan Monjayaki
Monjayaki is a Kanto region specialty that is similar to Okonomiyaki, however, the dough used is much more liquid than the okonomiyaki dough.

Other Cuisines Japan Gyoza
Gyoza are dumplings with a filling usually made of minced vegetables and ground meat. Gyoza were introduced to Japan from China. In Japan gyoza are usually prepared by frying them.

Other Cuisines Japan Chawanmushi
Chawanmushi is steamed egg custard that contains additional pieces of food such as chicken, shrimp or fish cake.

Other Cuisines Japan Tsukemono
Tsukemono are Japanese pickles. There are many varieties of pickles, and a small dish with some pickles is served with most Japanese meals.

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