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Hiroshima is one of the principal cities in Japan, is located 894 km at the west of Tokyo, 376 km west of Kyoto, 279 km east of Hakata in the western island of Honshu. Is part of the Chugoku region, actually Hiroshima is the educational, economic and tourist center and the largest city in this region.

This city has a sad part in its history, the city is considered the first place attacked by an atomic bomb, this fact happened on august 6, 1945, almost the half of the population died and the rest of them survived but had to live with big doses of radioactivity.

Despite of this, Hiroshima is now one of the most visited cities in Japan, many tourists come here to see the Peace Memorial Park and the museums. This city is now like any other, with busy days, many factories, industrial manufacture of cars and ships and modern buildings.

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