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The city of Hiroshima

Hiroshima once was a desolated city, after the atomic bomb attack the city was practically in ruins, but through the years this city has developed until now and became a very important city and the economic and industrial center of the region, the largest manufacturing industry is the production of cars, having as main domain company to the Ford Motor Company, as well as a touristic attraction in Japan, one of the important icons of the city, because of the meaning it has, is the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, which has become a venur for those who want to dedicate their respect to all those victims of World War II.

The weather in Hiroshima is generally rainy with mild winters and hot summers. Between its main islands are Miya-jima and the great torii gate, a famous place that appears so often on any publicity material about Japan, and no wonder, it is an impressive thing to behold and was built as the main connection to Itsukushima shrine.

Hiroshima Travel Guide - The Torii gate
The Torii gate
Hiroshima Travel Guide -  Miyajima - Shrine
Miyajima - Shrine

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