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History of Hiroshima

Hiroshima City was built upon the Ota River, between 1336 and 1392 the Mori family had the posession of nine provinces, a very powerful family and in 1589 Terumoto Mori founded a castle named Gokamura that means Five Villages, this castle growth becaming a village and soon needed another name for the new town, Hiroshima was choosen because it means "wide island", with this fact Hiroshima was found and then was used as a military center until the end of World War II.

In 1872 modern buildings begun to be constructed in the city and in 1889 the main port of Hiroshima was completed which made the city a startegic shipping port. In 1894 the Sanyo railway from Kobe to Shimonoseki was constructed and passed through Hiroshima, also was connected to Hiroshima the railway to Ujina port.

On August 6 of 1945 the city became unreal, like a nightmare, fire everywhere and people covered with blood and their skins melted, a symbol for the madness of war, Hiroshima was attacked by the United States Air Force which dropped their first atomic bomb, a nuclear weapon called "Little Boy" which killed approximately 260,000 people, and leaving a huge number of injured, radioactivity and intoxication killed many people after the day of the attack, more than the half of the city was destroyed.

After this bloody episode Hiroshima begun to be reconstructed in 1949 and has a peace icon the "Atomic Dome", an old surviving building of the bomb attack, one of the most visited places in Hiroshima is now the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Nowadays, Hiroshima is frequently choosen to be the location of Peace Conferences and has become a peace icon.

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