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Atom Bomb Dome

This building used to be the Chamber of Commerce and Industry before the atom bomb attack in Hiroshima, was very close to the epycenter and was totally destroyed, since then it's now an icon of peace and a historical witness of War's consecuences and human madness.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

This park is located in the center of Hiroshima and in front of the Atom Bomb Dome, as one characteristic the park has a a flame, which will stay lit until the last nuclear weapon on earth is gone, as this there are many others referring to some aspects of the bomb attack.

Children's Peace Monument

Sadako Sasaki was two when the bomb dropped, although she survived nine years later she died of leukemia, the monument has this girl at the top holding an origami crane, she thought if she reached 1000 she'll survive, it didn't happen but now it's a tradition to leave cranes in the monument.

Memorial Cenotaph

Memorial Cenotaph is located at the center of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and was designed by the famous architect Kenzo Tange. There is an inscription in the Cenotaph: "Rest in peace, for this error shall not be repeated" and also a list of the victims.

Monument in Memory of the Korean Victims of the Bomb

The monument was built in respect to the korean victims who were working in Hiroshima during the attack, a ten percent of A-bomb victims were korean and the inscription says: 'The Korean victims were given no funerals or memorial services and their spirits hovered for years unable to pass on to heaven.'

Peace Memorial Museum

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is the main museum in the Park, totally dedicated to ilustrate the war horror and victims suffering. Has a wide exhibition of photographies and part of clothes and other evidences of those days that shows the reality of the bombing.

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