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Japan is definitely  one the most amazing countries in the world, owner of a great culture  and filled with beautiful monuments, ancient buildings and full  of traditions known all over the world. Most people relate Japan as a country where technology is developed, an earthquake zone and  of course the manga and anime country, but Japan is more than only  that, and in this section we will explain to you all things that you  can do, if you are planning to travel to Japan.
To begin, when you  heard “Japan” what  do you think of? Normally, people think Ancient temples, futuristic  places, robots, bullet trains and of course Geishas, however, whatever  the image you have of Japan, it is probable that you are not wrong,  because you may find that and many other things in Japan. Not  many people know Japan as a touristic place, because most of them  travel to Japan for business or to find a better job, but once they  are in Japan, they realize the true touristic gem that Japan can  be. 
Walking around Japan,  you will realize that this is a fusion of past, present and, why  not say, future. In Japan one can find awesome natural landscapes,  like the Mount Fuji, bamboo forests filled with exotic animals like  macaques and of course a large variety of beautiful lakes. The outskirts  of cities, it is normal to see isolated and beautiful temples where  people go to spend quiet time in contact with nature and traditions. 

Japanese festivals

However, Japanese culture is not only temples and religion; Japan is filled with a large number  of traditional festivals that attract both locals and visitors from  all over the world some of the most important festivals in Japan  are:
  • January 1: New Year (shogatsu)

  • Second Monday of January: Coming of Age (seijin  no hi)

  • February 11: National Foundation Day (kenkoku  kinenbi)

  • Third Monday of July: Ocean Day (umi  no hi)

  • Third Monday of September: Respect for the Aged Day (keiro  no hi)

  • December 23:Emperor's Birthday  (tenno  no tanjobi)

  • December 25: Christmas

Japanese language

Perhaps, the most difficult to visit Japan is Japanese language, considered as one  of the most difficult languages to learn. However, if you want  learn Japanese language, you will find a large number of language  schools offering different types of courses, it is also important  to remember that these Japanese schools are not cheap, so  it is advisable to take the necessary precautions. But if you do  not want to spend large sums of money in a language school, you  may opt for a course online. Learning Japanese online, brings many advantages like cheaper costs and a large number of useful resources. 
So, if you are looking for the best place to spend a nice holidays, Japan is waiting for  you. 


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