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Insurance in Japan

Moving to a foreign country such as Japan is an amazing adventure, but you must know that you need to find a reputable company to obtain insurance. Therefore, one of the most important things that you need to do is learn all you can about Japan insurances so then you can have the right coverage at a reasonable price.

As most countries, insurances in Japan are available for vehicle, home, health, life, etc; unfortunately, some people will move to this country without a full understanding of the type of coverage that is needed and mandated.  

Home Insurance

If you have a family, the first thing that you must assure in Japan is your home. You can choose between two options, home insurance and contents insurance. You can also have both of them.
Most people think that the cost of house coverage is the most expensive, but that’s not always the case. Usually, the policy for home contents costs the most.

Car insurance

Car insurance is available in different types of policies depending on what you need. For instance, you might choose to go with just liability, which would cover property damage, bodily injury, and medical assistance payments.  In Japan, this car insurance is usually the most affordable but it does not provide as much coverage as the other options called “collision” and “comprehensive” where they’ll pay for the car damages caused by a crash accident regardless of whose fault it is, yours or the other driver. It also covers theft and damages caused by natural disasters such as flooding.

Life Insurance

Other important insurance in Japan is the life insurance. If you were to die, the beneficiaries chosen by you would be protected financially.  Everyone wants to protect to their family with a good policy; they would be cared for after your passing.  

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers losses incurred during local and international travel. And travel insurance plan should cover medical assistance expenses, emergency returns, travel cancellations, delayed departures, losses, theft or damage of personal possessions or any other personal belongings as well as compensation for any baggage delay.

Health Insurance

Companies in Japan provide insurance to their employees, but if this were not the case, you would have to purchase an individual policy. Keep in mind that for insurance in Japan, any medical condition that existed prior your contract would not be covered.

If you are thinking of moving to Japan, one of the first things that you need to look at is the policy options for Japan’s types of insurance; especially health insurance.

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