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Shopping in Japan

The cost of living in Tokyo is expensive, but there are many places you can shop inexpensively. Stop by a 100yen shop near you. There are lots of 100 shops around Japan. Daiso is a famous 100 shop chain store. Also, you can easily find Japanese traditional products and the latest goods in Tokyo.

Shopping hours in Japan is usually from 10/11am to 7/8pm. Most stores are open weekends and holidays except some specialty stores. In Japan, you need to pay 5% consumption tax in addition to the price. Japanese department stores are fun places to shop. They carry many kinds of traditional Japanese goods as well as the latest fashions. Check out the store sales, which are usually held in July, August, December, and January. Also visiting flea markets in Tokyo might be fun.


A five percent consumption tax is levied on virtually all goods sold in Japan. Sometimes this tax will be included in the advertised price, and sometimes it will be added at the time of payment, so you should check first for large purchases.

Auto vending machine

With one vending machine per an estimated 23 people (according to the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association), Japan has one of the world's highest vending machine densities.

Department Stores

There are several department store chains in Japan. The largest shopping zones in Tokyo are Shinjuku, Ginza, and Shibuya, where several department stores can be found there side by side.

Art, crafts, and souvenirs

Japan is famous for its wealth of arts and crafts, many dating back thousands of years, and handed down from generation to generation. Though the best are phenomenally expensive, there are plenty at more manageable prices which make wonderful souvenirs.

Electrical goods and cameras

Japan is well-known as a producer of high-quality, innovative electrical and electronic goods . New designs are tested on the local market before going into export production, so this is the best place to check out the latest technological advances.

Books and music

Imported foreign-language books are expensive in Japan, and only available in major cities. However, some locally produced English-language books are cheaper here than at home, if you can find them at all outside Japan.


All Japan's big department stores have several floors devoted to fashion, from haute couture to more modest wear at affordable prices.

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