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Kamakura is located at the south part of Yokohama and Tokyo, is the political centre of Japan and one of the oldest capital cities in Japan. The Kamakura period lasted approximately between 1185 and 1333, with this period begun a very estrict militar regimen and many political and economic changes happened.

The city is very popular for being a religious capital, many of its temples has been destroyed by many earthquakes but there is a huge monument which until now is well preserved, it's the also famous and strong "Daibutsu", a bronze Buddha statue located inside the Kotokuin Temple.

This is the second largest Buddha statue in Japan, there are many other statutes in this country, its height is of 13.35 meters and is so big that you can go inside it. This representative statue was inside a temple on ancient times but a tsunami destroyed the temple and the statue since then lays in the open air. This image shows a incredible peaceful Buddha's face, the hands position and crossed legs are symbol of a great concentration and internal serenity.

Kamakura city is surrounded by mountains and its more than 60 temples make of this a beautiful city and a worth destination to visit. Despite of being a historical and religious city Kamakura offers to visitors many facilities such as resturants, accommodation and bars. There is lot to see in this city, specially historic buildings and old temples, like a modern city with many traditional things.

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