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Kamakura Temples

Hase Temple

Also know as Hasedera, is one of the oldest temples in Kamakura. The symbol of this temple is the statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, has 9.18 meter tall and shows the eleven heads of the goddess each one of them represents a characteristic of Kannon.

Kenchoji Temple

This is a typical temple in Kamakura and the main temple in the sect of Zen Buddhism. This temple has a bell considered as a National treasure by the Japanese Government. Built by Hojo Tokiyori in 1253 and established by the Chinese high priest Rankei Doryu.

Engakuji Temple

This Temple was constructed in memory of those mongolian and japanese soldiers who had fight and die when the Mongol's attempted to invade Japan, is part of the Rinzai Buddhist sect. Is the second most important Kamakura temples and was founded in 1282.

Myohonji Temple

A Buddhism temple, located at the southeast of Kamakura and was built by Hiki Yoshimoto in 1260. Has a representative icon the statue of Nichiren.

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