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Kobe is located in Honshu, one of the most important islands in Japan and is the capital city of Hyogo Prefecture, the city has a special atmosphere full of modernity and international cuisine, despite of this Kobe still maintains the tradition in some areas, japanese and western style houses can be seen in this city, some of these exotic houses are used as restaurants and boutiques and they are open to public so you can visit some of them if you want, there are also sake breweries constructed in the 19th century that now are important museums. Since the 1800's Kobe is an international city, almost half of its population are 'gaijin', they call like this to the foreigners who live here, most of them are korean and some other chinese.

Kobe is situated 589 km at the west of Tokyo, 75 km west of Kyoto and 39 km west of Osaka. A natural disaster occured in 1995 and almost destroyed the city, the earthquake of a magnitude of 7.5 Richter scale killed more than 6 000 people, since then Kobe developed into a modern and very touristic city, has many accommodation facilities and also a lot to show, nowadays Kobe is considered one of the most attractive cities in Japan. The only trace of the earthquake is the Earthquake Museum with some documents and photos of the disaster.

Kobe is also an important port since 1868 when Japan begun the trade again after being completely isolated, the port town of Kobe now receives more than 10 000 ships in a year and has become one of the most important ports in Japan and Kobe is now a cosmopolitan city.

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