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The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

The Akashi-Kaikyo suspension bridge was completed in 1998 to join Iwaya on Awaji Island and Maiko in Kobe. The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge isn´t just long, its also extremely tall. Its two towers, at 928 feet, soar higher than any other bridge towers in the world.

Takarazuka Grand Theater

Located in Takarazuka prefecture of Hyogo, has a special characteristic, this Theater only hosts women's theatrical and dance performances, the only women theatre company is the Takarazuka Revue since 1914. This Theater can host 3,000 people.


Also known as Nankinmachi, this area is crowded of chinese restaurants and all chinese environment, an interesting place to visit, it was the residential area of all off those who came to Kobe when the city port opened to international trade.

Kobe Harbor

The Kobe Port Harbor hosts the best restaurants in the city as well as movie theaters, hotels, parks and clubs. The main icons of Kobe Harbor are the Kobe Tower, the Meriken Park and the Maritime Museum, despite of them there are a splendid view in this place, the environment is absolutely beautiful.

City Hall

The City Hall of Kobe is located on Flower Road and has a free observatory on the 24th floor and is open from 9am to 9pm.

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