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History of Kobe

Kobe was once the capital city of Japan, in the 13th century with the beginning of the international trade of Japan with weastern countries in 1868 Kobe became one of the most important port town in all the country, from this time to now Kobe has an international population because many people arrived to this port from different countries, making of this a cosmopolitan city.

In 1945, during World War II Kobe suffered, as some other cities in Japan, the consecuences of cruelty, on March 17 the city was bombed and more than 8 800 people have died and thousands more lost their homes and everything they had. There are a film and a book in base to this fact.

This city also suffered the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occured on January 17, 1995 and measured 7.3 on the Ritcher Scale, this earthquake almost destroyed the city, main buildings came down and more than 5 000 people have died, this is considered one of the worst natural disasters in Japan.

Every December people conmemorate this fact and the city development after this, with the Luminarie, also were constructed monuments in memorial of death people.

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