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Central Kyoto

Kyoto Imperial Palace

The Original building was destroyed by fire, the new one was constructed in 1855 and used to be the residence of the Imperial family until 1868, located in the Kyoto Inperial Park, now the only way to visit this palace is in a guided tour, no tours on sunday.

Nijo Castle

The castle was constructed in 1603 by the first Tokugawa shogun, Ieyasu, has a main building named Ninomaru Palace with 33 rooms, the second building has three rooms and the large Audience Hall can be visited but no photographs allowed, the garden is at the west side of the Palace.

Nijo Jinya

This is a very strategical house, was constructed to hide special people from enemies, that's why it has trap doors and hiden scapes. Tours to Nijo Jinya are only in japanese but if you have friend who can help you it's ok, a tour can last up to an hour and are held daily.

Nishiki Market

You will find a great variety of traditional craft here, this market is the biggest in Kyoto, a street market with more than a hundred shops many of them opened many years ago and are still held by the same families, most of times they take a day to rest which is Sunday or Wednesday.

Higashi-Honganji Temple

This temple was built in 1602 and reconstructed in 1859, you can visit it on a guided tour, but there are some parts in the Temple that are not open to public as the Founder's Hall and the main Cult Hall, if you want to visit them it's necessary to have a special permission.

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