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Kyoto Entertainment

Though this is a very traditional city, Kyoto also offers to visitors the entertainment in clubs, theater, discotheques, bars and more, every last saturday of every month artists in Kyoto get together and make a concert for public. Many culture venues as the Kabuki Theater are popular icons in Kyoto, as well as No Theater and the Geisha Dance, theaters in Kyoto are used only for traditional performances, japanese artists and japanese instruments, an amazing show is held here and you won't be dissapointed. Kyoto has the No Theater, constructed in the 14th century and the Kabuki Theater built in 1603.

But you can also visit the parks, as the Kyoto Studio Park, which is a film set where you can take photographs of yourself wearing samurai or geisha's clothes, and for the kids the Kyoto Municipal Zoo may be an interesting place to visit. Some places to have fun in Kyoto are:

Gion Corner Kyoto

This is an art centre, a japanese traditional art centre, you will appreciate the Flower Arrangement, the Kyoto style Dance, Tea Ceremony, Comic Play, Japanese Harp, Court Music and Puppet Play all in one place. This venue is visited by hundreds of foreign visitors in Kyoto.

Address: Yasaka Hall, Hanamikoji Street, Kyoto-605-0074, Tel. +81 (0) 75 561-1119

Le Club Jazz Kyoto

Open the seven days of a week, jazz music is played here and if you want to go ahead and sing anything you can do it, this is one of the best things this bar has, not complain if you hear not very good singers, this bar is located in downtown Kyoto, easy to find.

Takigi No Kyoto

This show is realized in the Heian Shrine, No genre was originated in Kyoto and is called like that because it's No Theatrical genre. The atmosphere is very quiet and magical, the pine trees and the shrine make of this an unforgetable show.

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