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By Train

Trip time between Matsumoto and Tokyo is of about 2 1/2 hours if you travel in the limited express trains 'Azusa' or 'Super Azusa', departs from the Tokyo's Shinjuku Station every hour or less, fares are approximately 6 200 yen ($52). If you are travellin to Matsumoto from Nagoya you can take the Limited Express Shinano, trip time takes about 2 hours and costs $45 or 5 300 yen approximately.

Local trains also depart from Tokyo and arrive to matsumoto in five hours but requires transfer of trains so it would be a little uncomfortable for you maybe, prices are 3 600 yen for train.

By Bus

From Shinjuku Station it takes three hours to get to Matsumoto and fares are about 3400 yen, buses depart every hour.
From Nagoya it takes two and a half hours and the price is about 3460 yen.
From Osaka, it takes five and a half hours and price is about 5700 yen.
From Takayama, it takes two hours and price is about 3 100 yen.

Tourist Information

What makes difficult to get around Matsumoto and the major part of cities in Japan is the fact that the names of streets, bus stops and most of touristic information is written in japanese, so it's better to take some information at the tourist offices, for example in Tokyo you can obtain enough information about buses and maps in Matsumoto if you visit the Tourist Information Center, also in Matsumoto you can visit the Matsumoto Tourist Information, Tel. 0263/32-2814, located in the Matsumoto Station.

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