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The City of Matsumoto

The city population is of about 220 000 people and the city has a natural environment which is its main attraction, the japanese Alps are near Matsumoto and is for that reason an important venue for hiking and climbing, furthermore, Matsumoto has two festivals: Taiko and Takigi No which are held in the castle, an interesting demonstration of japanese traditions, worth to see, so there are two more reasons to visit this city.

The weather in Matsumoto depends of the season, in spring for example, flowers and cherry blossoms are abundant from April to June, you can see them along the Susuki river, other areas as Kamikochi looks specially beautiful in spring. From beginning of July is the summer season in Matsumoto, the average temperature is of 25 centigrade degrees and the mountain areas such as the alpines are worth to visit in this season.

Autumn begins in October and as the common in this season trees are decored with autumn colors, the contrast is in the mountain peaks covered with snow and finally, in winter temperatures get very cold, the mountains get majestic, completely covered with snow and for citizens its the best time to drink the sake or wine.

As well as the Matsumoto castle there are also some other attractions in this city as the Nakamachi-dori, a merchant districts that hosts many small shops, all of them inside the traditional houses with white walls which are called 'kura', a very nice street.

Another important place to take in count while visiting Matsumoto is the Ukiyoe Museum, has an exhibition of Sakai's family woodblock prints called 'ukiyoe', is considered one of the largest private collections around the world, more than 100 000 pieces of ukiyoe collected by Sakai's descendant.

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Ukiyoe Museum

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