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Matsushima is famous for its Matsushima Bay, is considered one of the Three Views of Japan because of its environment, belongs to the Miyagi Prefecture and is form by more than 260 small islands most of them covered with pines, the name means 'island of pines', now you know why, the islands are rock formations so can hardly be inhabited. Matsushima is also known for:

Zuiganji Temple

Zuiganji Temple was founded in 828 and is one of the most famous Zen Temples, the caves in the Temple are used by students as places for meditation, the new constructions were built in 1609, you can visit the temple paying 700 yen and includes the entrance to the Zuiganji Art Museum.

Oshima and Fukuurajima

Oshima and Fukuurajima are two islands near Matsushima which can be visited by tourists, you can reach Oshima crossing a short bridge but for getting to Fukuurajima you'll have to pay a fee for crossing the red bridge, Fukuurajima also host a botanical garden.


Also known as Seaview Pavilion, is a teahouse constructed in the sixteenth century on a rock formation, has a traditional japanese decoration, the doors and walls were painted by the best representative of Momoyama style named Kano Sanraku, from the pavilion it can be appreciated an splendid view of the bay.

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