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Matsushima Practicalities

Getting in and around Matsushima

To get in Matsushima by train you can take the JR Senseki Line, from Tokyo take the Shinkansen trains to Sendai which later connects to the Senseki Line, the trip time is almost three hours and price about 10 900 yen. By Plane, the Sendai Airport is the nearest one, which connects to Matsushima by a direct bus from the airport to the Matsushima-kaigan Station in about an hour.

Matsushima is easily reachable by foot, you can visit the main attractions in the city near the train station, but if you want to see the great landscapes this city has you'll have to take some guide and cover long distances for going to the mountains around Matsushima, specially in Saigyo Modoshi no Matsu Park and also visit Otakamori, which has an amazing view of Matsushima Bay .

Some Restaurants in Matsushima:

Donjiki Chaya
Entsuin-mae, Matsushima, In Town
Tel. 022/354-5855
Cuisine: Noodles, Odango
This is a very old building constructed 400 years ago, if you're visiting the temples of Zuiganji and Entsuin then you better take a lunch here, prices are not expensive.

Taikanso Hotel, 7th floor, In Town
Tel. 022/354-2161
Cuisine: French
This place has an excellent view of the city, is favorited by many for its location, seafood is one of the specialities here and prices are inexpensive.

67 Aza-chonai, Entsuin Temple, In Town
Tel. 022/353-2626
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Reservation is required for this restaurant, is located in the Entsuin Temple so you can be sure ti have a very pleasant and quiet meal.

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