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MBA Programs in Japan

Asia is becoming a major spot for MBA programs and other kinds of master degrees because some of the most important countries in the world like as China, India and Japan are located there. Asia also is the most populous region in the world and it’s considered as a great market to invest in education; that is why many renowned business schools are investing in Asia (See also Business school guide).

How is the education in Japan?

Education is a priority for the Japanese government; it means that the Japanese education system was reformed according to the systems of other countries such as the USA and France. The public education in Japan is more important than the private education; 95% of Japanese schools are public while 5% are private schools.

As it was stated above, the Japanese education system is heavily influenced by other countries; this means that the Japanese system contains the following criteria:
  • Elementary Education (6 years.)
  • Secondary school (3 years.)
  • Upper secondary school (3 years.)
  • University (4 years.)
An interesting feature is that there are more male than female students in universities while the opposite happens in Junior colleges.

MBA programs in Japan

MBA programs in JapanA MBA means Master of Business Administration. Doing an MBA course brings many advantages; it improves your chances of getting a better job. That is why an MBA is one of the most coveted degrees in the world. Due to the competitive Japan’s labor market, MBA courses are becoming one of the most important degrees in Japan. An MBA provides many business and leadership skills that Japanese companies are looking for.

Business schools in Japan

This is a list of some of the most important business schools in Japan.

  • SANNO Institute of Management.
  • Nagoya University of Commerce & Business.
  • Hiroshima University of Economics.
  • Niigata University of Management.
  • Tokyo School of Business.
  • Kobe University, Graduate School of Business Administration.
  • Keio University Faculty of Business & Commerce.
  • Keio University Business School.
  • Sapporo School of Business.
If you want to know more about MBA courses in Japan you may visit : MBA Japan.

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