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Moving to Japan

We know that moving to a new home in a new neigboorhood from another home can be an exciting and stressful process. Planning is the key to a successful local or international move. You will also have to consider getting a job vacancy, a school for your children, the new services bills, etc.

Professional Packing for International Moves

If you have decided to move to Japan, you must hire professionally trained packers to wrap and pack your personal possessions in cartons and shipping boxes to protect them from damage. Whether your household or office items are shipped in a lift-van, a steamship container or an air container, this is determined by the size of the shipment and its destination.

During the move, you should consider the following aspects:

Means of Transport:

Moving companies have the responsability of packing your possesions and use all transport types as railroad, steamship line, or airline which will be used to ship your household goods. Your packed and loaded shipment will be transported to the port of exit by truck or rail. There the container(s) will be loaded into a vessel or into an aircraft.

The Cost of Moving:

After making a inventory detail of your entire home, a representative of a moving company will determine the shipping costs for moving to Japan. The representative must see that everything is transferred; including any items that are located in the garage, basement or attic.
With this inventory you will receive detail of the charges for packing and transporting your household goods.

Signing on Order For Service:

It’s necessary that you sign an Order For Service agreement at the time that your goods are loaded and again at delivery. An Order For Service contains all  the charges for the services performed and a list of terms and conditions under which your goods were moved.

Insuring Your Move:

The Order for service that you’ve choosen will determine the level of carrier liability in terms of dollars and cents per pound for the delivery of your belongings(by item or package.)

Packing Tips

If you’ve decided to pack your belongings by yourself, you must plan ahead of time (at least six weeks.) Maybe your friends can help you with this task; you can send them some moving postcards and let them know what is happenning. You also have a third option: you can hire one of the movers companies around your location to pack all your belongings.

Packing suggestions

We offer the following packing suggestions:
  • Before you start packing, you should to determine the objects that you want to throw away, sell or give away. Moving is a interesting time to get rid of items that you no longer need. You will save money and have less to pack and unpack. Give yourself enough time to make these decisions.
  • Pack items that you will rarely use first. Pack items of similar size and weight together.
  • It’s important that you use proper packing cartons and wrapping materials. Use a professional packing tape.  Tape all boxes at the top and bottom. You can also use crumpled, unprinted newspaper to pack items in boxes.
  • All the boxes must be labelled on the outside. The labels must indicate the kind of materials that are inside the box along with the room to which the materials will be placed upon. When you pack fragile items, mark that it is fragile at the top of the box with arrows on the sides to indicate the correct upright position.

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