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Belongs to Nagasaki Prefecture and is located 1,329km at the west of Tokyo and 152km southwest of Fukuoka, has a population of 459,198 inhabitants approximately and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Japan.

Nagasaki is surrounded by a picturesque and mountainous bay, was the first city to began international connections while the rest of japanese cities stayed close to the rest of the world, its beginning date back from the 607 A.D and as it was open to the rest of the world now Nagasaki has much influence of european architecture and between its inhabitants there are portuguese, dutch and chinese people.

Europeans first settlers arrived to Nagasaki in the sixteenth century when the city became an important port for Dutch and Portuguese ships, since then they have become an important part of the population, brought their food and traditions and also the architecture style that is now frequently seen in the streets, the same thing happened with chinese merchants.

Nagasaki was the second city, after Hiroshima, to be attacked with a nuclear bomb at the end of World War II that literally destroyed the city and left it in ruins, as in Hiroshima, hundreds of people have died inmediatly and many more later occasioned by the radiation, and other consecuences, after the attack the Japanese Goverment surrendered at last.

Because of the bomb attack now the city has many peace parks and other places conmemorating that fateful day, many monuments in parks and museums are always remembering the cruelty of war and hoping this will never happen again in Japan or in any part of the world, some of these places are the A-bomb museum and the Nagasaki Peace Park.

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