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By train

Trains arrive to Nagasaki Station every half-hour from Hakata Station in Fukuoka, trip time is about two hours and fare is $37, if you are in Kumamoto it'll take three hours to get to Nagasaki, and if you're coming from Tokyo the trip is more tedious with eight hours of travel and the price is of $177.

By plane

The Nagasaki Airport receives flights from Tokyo, trip time if almost two hours and fare is $275 approximately, there are 10 flgihts daily which depart from Tokyo's Haneda Airport. To get to the Ken-ei Bus Terminal you can take the limousine buses on the airport, trip time is of an hour and the cost $10.

By car

It takes 55 minutes to get into the city from Nagasaki Airport and thirty minutes from Tarami Interchange.

Getting Around

Nagasaki has a good transport service, the streetcars go around all the city and they run every ten minutes, you can use the day pass which allows to travel unlimited times for one fare.

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