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The City of Nagasaki

One of the places you have to visit in Nagasaki is the Chinatown, full of chinese shops and restaurants and was installed in this city when chinese merchants arrived to the port and brought with them all their traditions and lifestyle, the chinatown in Nagasaki is not as big as that in Kobe but it's equally beautiful. There are other two chinese areas in Nagasaki, one of them is the Sofukuji Temple and the other one the Kofukuji Temple also called "Chinese Temple", both are good examples of chinese architecture which prevail in the city together with europe architecture.

Dejima was constructed specifically for Dutch ships which came to Nagasaki in the Edo Period to trade silk and sugar, the entrance of any normal japanese citizen was not allowed, the good point consists that in this area japanese people learnt many things from dutch with regard to medicine, japanese people was interested in dutch learning and the base of its medicine lies in this time and place, this artificial island is now one of the main attractions in the city, this island is located near the chinatown. If you visit this island don't forget to go to the Dejima Museum of History.

Christianity was punished in Japan when the first european settlers came to the city bringing with them their traditions and their religion, that was the reason why the access for Portuguese and Spaniards was not allowed into the city, in despite of the fact the missionaries continued coming and obviously were not well received, the japanese goverment captured 26 missionaries and decided to crucify them on Nishizaka Hill, unfortunately they were not the last to been killed for this reason, thus the Nishizaka Hill is considered a religious place, the statues of the 26 people killed stands there, there is also a Museum containing important information about the Christianity in Japan.

Nagasaki Travel Guide - Chinatown
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Monument to the Martyrs

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