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Eating in Nagasaki

The best know food in Nagasaki is the shippoku, a mixed of european, chinese and japanese taste, this is not a cheap food and in most of cases you'll have to reserve with some anticipation, another typical dish is the famous chanpon, made of noodles with vegetable and morsels of seafood. Some Nagasaki restaurants:

Steak House Okano Reviews

6-8 Motoshikui
Nagasaki City , 850-0901
+81 (0)95 824 3048
Steak well done is the special dish of this restaurant. Has a wooden style decoration in its fourth floor.

Nagasaki Tonkatsu Seiyohtei Reviews

Imamura Bldg. 2F Yorozuya-machi
Nagasaki City
+81 (0)95 827 2831
Chicken and pork are well cooked in Tonkatsu and two special sauces are served, hot and sour.

Ryotei Kagetsu Reviews

2-1 Maruyama-machi
Nagasaki City , 850-0902
+81 (0)95 822 0191
This is a very traditional Nagasaki restaurant, although the decoration have changed the owners and the taste didn't, this restaurant was opened in 1642.

Sakura House

Youme Saito 4F 10-1 Motofuna-machi
Nagasaki City , 850-0035
+81 (0)95 829 2065
Located on the fourth floor of the 'Youme Saito' shopping center, the perfect location for dates or a romantic dinner, you can have a splendid time while seeing the sunset.

Chikyu-kan Reviews

6-25 Higashi-yamate-machi
Nagasaki City , 850-0911
+81 (0)95 822 7966

This is a very special restaurant, cooks change everyday because everyone who comes to Nagasaki to have their vacations and want to serve their typical cuisine can cook it here, so the food changes everytime there is a person who wants to show the cuisine of his or her city.

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