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Entertainment in Nagasaki

The most visited district in Nagasaki for entertainment is Shianbashi located between Chinatown and the Hamanomachi shopping district, this is a crowded place with many bars and clubs, nightlife begins at 10 pm until early the next day, some places you can visit in Nagasaki to have fun are:

Amicus Reviews
5-10 Kajiya-machi
Nagasaki City , 850-0831
+81 (0)95 825 3400
If you like the sports then this is the right place to visit, this bar has a large screen to watch sport events.

Ayer's Rock Reviews
Hananoki Bldg. 3F 6-13 Yorozuya-machi
Nagasaki City , 850-0852
+81 (0)95 827 7373
Specially famous between young people in Nagasaki, is not a very large place but a lot of energy here.

Bagdad Cafe Reviews
3-15 Chitose-machi
Nagasaki City , 852-8135
+81 (0)95 843 3141
More than an eastern bar this looks like an italian one, you can find also italian food such as spaghettis.

Bajamut Reviews
Sanden B1F 2-40 Aburaya-machi
Nagasaki City , 850-0832
+81 (0)95 822 7734
Hip Hop is the favorite rhythm played here, but also some reggae and rock.

Bajuni Reviews
Gingawa Bldg. 1F 3-10 Motoshikui-machi
Nagasaki City , 850-0901
+81 (0)95 827 3473

Bar 10c Reviews
Kimuraya Bldg. 3F 8-20 Hamaya-machi
Nagasaki City , 850-0853
+81 (0)95 821 6622
Its specialty are the cocktails and fruit-juice based drinks, the place is most visited for women.

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