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Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum covers the history of the nuclear attack suffered in 1945 when thousands of people died inmediatly and some time after because of the radiation. Located in 7-8 Hirano-machi the entrance costs 200 yens, children pay 100 yen.

Glover Garden

Is a park in which is located the Glover Residence, a group of buildings of former western residents of Nagasaki, they are the oldest western style houses in the city, the Glover Garden is on the Minamiyamate hillside and was constructed in 1863.

Nagasaki Peace Park

The Nagasaki National Park was constructed in 1955 in honor to all those people who have died in the Atomic bomb attack. The main icon in this park is a 30m tall statue, furthermore there are some other statues around and a black pillar mark the epicenter and shows the complete list of victims.

Oura Church

This is a catholic church and was declared a National Treasure, was constructed in the Edo Period, around 1864. The building has a gothic style and is said it's the oldest church in Japan. Today the church is a touristic place because of its european style.

Nagasaki Confucius Shrine

Nagasaki's Koshi-byo is one of the few shrines dedicated to the Chinese philosopher Confucius in Japan. This particular Confucian Shrine was built by Chinese residents of Nagasaki in 1893 and now contains the Museum of Chinese History.

Meganebashi Bridge

Is the most beautiful bridge in Nagasaki, cross the Nakajima River in central Nagasaki, was constructed in 1634 and now is considerated an Important Cultural Property, it's the oldest stone arc bridge in Japan.

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