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Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan and belongs to the Aichi Prefecture, furthermore Nagoya is the center of one of Japan`s most important metropolitan region, the Chukyo Metropolitan Area, has the biggest population in this area with 2.17 million of inhabitants in Nagoya.

It's also a commercial and industrial port, very favored for its situation in the Ise Bay, nowadays it's the third largest port in Japan. One of the main economic activities in Nagoya is the automobile manufacture and shipbuilding, Toyota is a big factory located in this city, as well as important companies dedicated to the ceramic manufacture as Noritake, and Hoshizaki is an important Electric Company in Nagoya.

One of the main landmarks in this city is without a doubt the Nagoya Castle, built by Tokugawa leyasu in 1612. In World War II, 1945 a part of the castle was burnt, but fortunately there is enough to see and admire in the Castle.

Nagoya Travel Guide - Toyota Museum
Toyota Museum
Nagoya Travel Guide - Nagoya Castle
Nagoya Castle

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