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Entertainment in Nagoya

Some travelers want to have a break of the weariness produced by visit to a foreign land. During your stay in Nagoya, you are favored with a radiant list of entertainment choices that will satisfy the expectations of the most exigent visitor. Be it culture, sports, theater or nightlife, Nagoya has all the things for your comfort. Luckily, you can go to visit all these places using the public transportation.

Nagoya is the owner of many museums. The Tokugawa Art Museum exhibits treasures and artifacts from the legendary Tokugawa clan. The Nagoya City Art Museum possesses works of internationally renowned Japanese artists, giving you an experience of the nation's artistic aesthetic.

If the history of cars are your passion and don't wish to know the classic art then, you should visit the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. You will have information about the history of the textile industry as well as the car manufacturing industry. The Toyota Automobile Museum offers an incredible collection of vehicles, both modern and old classics. This museum is a must-see place.

For those who like the nature, Higashiyama Zoo and the Port of Nagoya Aquarium are good to offer you peace. The zoo is not the most sensational in the world, but combined with the Botanical Gardens and the Higashiyama Skytower, the area makes for a terrific day trip.

How about some traditional Japanese theater? The Misonoza Theater offers shows every April and October, the rest of the year we find ancient and modern types of stage activities. If you wish to see the cinema, Nagoya has many movie theaters, but be ready to pay expensive prices to see the latest films in Japan. There are three cinemas located across from Nagoya Station.

Ok, the day is over and you are ready to enjoy of the night. The nightlife in Nagoya satisfies all the expectations; you can find book-talking, poetry-reading coffee shops, etc. The centre of Nagoya's nightlife is Sakae, where you can fraternize with the locals at any given hour of the night. There are many bars and restaurants in which to laze around and drink and eat, so just you should choose an atmosphere that suits your mood.

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