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Nara possesses two train stations: The JR Nara Station, situated in the west side of the town centre, and the private Kintetsu-Nara Station right in the thick of things. The speediest option arriving from Kyoto is a Limited Express train on the private Kintetsu-Kyoto line (every 30min; 33min; with a cost of ¥1110); the common express takes a bit more of time and you have to change at Yamato-Saidaiji (1-2 hourly; 45min; ¥610).

JR Nara Station also has an alternative of express trains (8 daily; 45min; ¥740) and regular trains (every 30min; 1hr 20min; ¥740) from Kyoto. If you want to travel from Osaka, there are trains on the private Kintetsu-Nara line (from Osaka's Kintetsu-Namba Station) that arrive at the Kintetsu-Nara Station (each 15min; 30-40min; ¥540-1040). Alternatively, you might take a JR line train from Osaka Station (every 20min; 40min; ¥780), or from JR Namba Station (every 20min; 30-40min; ¥740) to JR Nara Station. If you arrive here from Kansai International airport, you can enter to central Osaka to pick up a train, or to take a limousine bus (hourly; 1hr 35min; ¥1800), which stops at both Nara's train stations.

Nara also provides many information offices. The most important of these is the Nara City Tourist Information Centre, it opens its doors since 9am - 9pm; Phone: 0742/22-3900, Fax: 22-5595), situated on Sanjo-dori. They have English-speaking staff, complete maps of this area and useful information, and can also assist arrange volunteer "Goodwill Guides". There is also an office in the JR Station (daily 9am-5pm; Phone & Fax 0742/22-9821), again with English-speaking staff who can make hotel bookings, and another in the Kintetsu Station (daily 9am-5pm; Phone & Fax 0742/24-4858). As last, you'll find a small booth on the hill above the Sarusawa pond (daily 9am-5pm; Phone & Fax 0742/26-1991), on the Eastern edge of central Nara. The Nara City office transmits some information about what's on, as does the region-wide magazine, Kansai Time Out.

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