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MAY 22

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Explore Nikko: Rinnoji

Rinnoji is main temple of Nikko. It was founded by Shodo Shonin, the Buddhist monk who presented the Buddhism to Nikko in the 8th century.

This temple offers the Sanbutsudo, big houses, gold lacquered, wooden statues of Amida, Senju-Kannon ("Kannon with a thousand arms") and Bato-Kannon ("Kannon with a horse head"). The three deities are considered as Buddhist expressions of Nikko's three mountain kami ("Shinto gods") enshrined at Futarasan Shrine. In front of Sanbutsudo is the temple's treasure house with Buddhist and Tokugawa related exposes.

To observe the interior of the Sanbutsudo, it is advisable to buy a combination ticket which also offers admission to the Toshogu, Taiyuinbyo and Futarasan Shrine. Besides, a separate admission pay applies to Rinnoji's treasure house and Shoyoen.

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