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Explore Nikko: Yumoto Onsen

Yumoto ("origin of hot water") is a small hot spring town in Okunikko ("inside of Nikko") and part of Nikko National Park. The town is gently situated next to Lake Yunoko ("hot water lake") and consists mainly of ryokan with warm spring baths.

Onsenji is located toward of the north of town, it is a small Buddhist temple with a hot spring bath open to the public. Next to the temple is situated Yunodaira Marsh, where hot water is fired toward the air in shape of bubbles from the ground. Some hot water is also bubbling along the northern shore of Lake Yunoko and a special sulfur aroma suspends over the whole town.

After that, to south of Lake Yunoko, the tranquil waters of the lake abruptly plunge down a steep, 70 meter high slope. The spectacular waterfall is known as Yudaki, but the water of neither the lake nor the waterfall are actually warm.

From Yudaki arises the wonderful Senjogahara Plateau Nature Trail, leading along the Yugawa River (Hot Water River) through the woods and across the marshland of the Senjogahara Plateau to the Ryuzu Falls at the shores of Lake Chuzenji. It takes about 2-3 hours to follow the entire trail.

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