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One safe and cheapest way of arriving to Nikko is taking a Tobu-Nikko train from Asakusa located in Tokyo. (You can find the station in the basement of the Matsuya department store, linked by tunnel to Asakusa subway station). Kaisoku (rapid) trains make the circuit in around 2 hours and the tariff is ¥1330 one way. For the less fast Kyuko (express) trains, the tariff is of ¥1220 and for the Kegon tokkyu (limit express) with a travel of 45 minutes, the tariff is ¥2750. If your train not has a direct circuit for Nikko, maybe you'll need to change at Shimo-Imachi.

As other choice, you might travel to Nikko in the JR train. If you wish to visit Mashiko, you would avoid the bother of to buy train tickets from different rail companies by taking the JR Tohoku Honsen Line from Shinjuku to JR Utsunomiya Station for the bus to Mashiko, and then prolonging ahead from JR Utsunomiya Station to Nikko (Note: Tobu Line doesn't cross among Utsunomiya and Nikko).

The Tobu railway provides several free passes, for travel around of Nikko area from Tokyo. These tickets can only be acquired at Tokyo's Tobu stations, comprehend the rain fare from Asakusa to Nikko (express train surcharges still apply), intensive use of local buses, and discounts on entrance charges at many of the area's attractions, including the cable cars and boat trips at Chuzenji-ko.

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