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Eating in Nikko

Nikko is a very small town (and really quiet in the winter) and there's one main street full of restaurants to choose from. You should avoid the tourist restaurants agglomerated around Nikko's train and bus stations and chances are you will eat pretty well. The most popular recipe is yuba-ryori, it consists in tasty strips of tofu made from soya beans, it is really good, if you want to eat it; the Suzuya restaurant offers this special dish.

Nikko Restaurant

  • Nikko Bali Resort and Spa is located at second floor cliff tower with 160 seats.
    Description: Nikko Bali Resort and Spa is a hotel of five stars offering the delicious cuisine in the restaurant. On the famous restaurant at Nikko Bali Resort and Spa is Jala – Jala Restaurant, it opens daily for fresh seafood favorites complete a la carte presented in a variety of cooking method with both Asian and Western fusion thoughts.

  • Angelo Restaurant, Located on Route 119 running up to Tosho-gu.
    Description: This is one of the few places in Nikko serving something different of the Japanese food. There's an English menu. Bright Italian pizza and pasta parlour with a counter bar and a few tables.

  • Gusto restaurant, Located on Route 119 running up to Tosho-gu.
    Description: Amazingly stylish family restaurant, front of tourist information office, with delicious meals from a wide menu of Western and Japanese favorites. Since it closes late and serves beer, it also qualifies as Nikko's only late night spot. It closes 2am.

  • Hippari Dako restaurant, located at the top of the main drag up to Tosho-gu.
    Description: Cheap yakitori and noodle café observe the giant kite outside, popular with just about every gaijin who has ever set foot in the place, as the written recommendations and meishi that plaster the walls testify. Beer and sake are also served. Daily 11am-7pm.

  • Meiji-no-Yukata Restaurant (Phone: 0288/53-3751).
    Description: The pukka main restaurant here is the cheapest, if you go for à la carte and don't mind shelling out ¥1500 for curry rice. You can sample the exquisite shojin-ryori vegetarian course (¥3500) in the traditional Gyoshintei, where the waitresses wear kimono and you can gaze out on a lovely garden.

  • Milky House Restaurant, located on 2-2-3 Inari-machi.
    Description: This cordial coffee shop, serving cheap snack meals, also it is an Internet café, charging ¥500 for 30min. Also it offers beer. Open 10am-10pm daily.

  • Steak House Mihashi, located on the slope up to the Kanaya Hotel (look for the English sign).
    Description: Fill up on set steak meals, which are fairly good, value at ¥2800 per person. It closes 8pm.

  • Suzuya Restaurant, located on the slope from the Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art.
    Description: This is a special place to sample yuba-ryori; the set lunch costs ¥1300 and includes tempura, rice, noodles and rolled tofu. Daily 11am-3pm.

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