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Eating in Okayama

Okayama has much variety of choices for eating and drinking such as Kode and Hiroshima. The principal districts to go immediately east of Okayama Station; there you will discover all the usual fast-food outlets and many other restaurants; and along Omotecho-shotengai, the covered shopping street closer to the river.

Okayama Restaurants:

  • Matsunoki-Tei Restaurant, located Around Town 20-1 Ekimotomachi
    Description: The family who has long run the inexpensive Matsunoki ryokan also owns this very refined Japanese restaurant, located in an older house in a beautiful traditional setting. Dining here is a luxurious experience.

  • Okabe Restaurant, located Around Town, 1-10-1 Omotecho.
    Description: This informal eatery in the heart of Okayama is a local institution, popular for its specialty, homemade tofu. There's no problem ordering since it serves only one teishoku, which consists of two kinds of tofu along with soup, rice, and pickled vegetables.

  • Okayama Plaza Restaurant, located Okayama Plaza Hotel. Just north of Korakuen Park, a short walk across Horai-bashi Bridge, Around Town, Okayama Plaza Hotel. Just north of Korakuen Park, a short walk across Horai-bashi Bridge, Around Town
    Description: For Western fare near the castle and Korakuen, head for the Okayama Plaza Hotel's ninth-floor restaurant, which has the added benefit of castle views. Steak and sole are on the menu, as well as less expensive pasta dishes and sandwiches.

  • Shikisai Restaurant, located Located just north of the 1st entrance gate, next to a souvenir shop, Around Town, 1-5 Korakuen.
    Description: Located just outside the entrance to Korakuen Garden, this modern restaurant is decorated with Bizen pottery and Japanese ikebana and is a good place to try Okayama specialties.

  • Yamadome Restaurant, Just north of the streetcar stop, across the small street from the gas station (which you can see from the stop), Around Town, 1-22 Tenjincho.
    Description: This 35-year-old restaurant has a homey Japanese atmosphere, with a local artist's work adorning the walls. It serves fried foods on a stick, from beef to fish to vegetables. The menu is only in Japanese, but the owner speaks English and there's a display case outside.

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