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Entertainment in Okayama

There isn't a great variety of nightlife in Okayama, but many Japanese drinking establishments (izakaya) offer food and drink especially for a younger public. Omotecho Shotengai (shopping street) is located 10 minute walk from Okayama station; this rather shrilly decorated shopping street has everything from Arcades and Retro Game stores, to Kimono stores and antique shops. The mauve cylindrical building at the start of the Omotecho shotengai is known as Okayama Symphony Hall, verify using the tourist information about the proximate concerts.

Sega Joypolis: is an amusement park that was first opened on July 20, 1994 in Yokohama, Japan. It is a large arcade situated few minutes walking from the station street. Joypolis centres have since opened in Tokyo, Umeda and Okayama, with all four parks featuring arcade games and amusement rides based on SEGA IP. Only the latter three appear to be actively operated by SEGA to date.

Momotoro Festival: Celebrated annually in the summer months based in the character of the children's fairytale and his rival, Ura the ogre. The festival offers Okayama's biggest demonstration of fireworks and numerous public dances and parades throughout the city and its numerous shopping malls.

Cherry Blossom Festival: This festivity is appreciated in every city and every town in Japan. The official dates of this festival varies every year according to blooming the cherry blossoms, but generally in the first days of April for about two weeks. Around three hundred cherry blossom trees are adorned with Japanese lanterns, and illuminated after sunset. One of Okayama's most famous destinations in "cherry blossom season" is along the Asahi River which is on the east side of Korakuen Park.

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