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Osaka is one of the most famous gems of Japan. Many people arrive to appreciate this fantastic place. Citizens of Osaka are of the most expansive in Japan, and they have trends such as fashion and cuisine. Shopping districts are dispersed along the city, while distraction can be obtained in various puppet and kabuki theaters, amusement parks, and one of the world's largest aquariums. Tourists always have to start with a travel to Osaka.

People in Osaka don't pronounce konnichi-wa, they shout Mo kari makka? it means (Are you making any money?). Osaka turned into a merchant town at the end of the 16th century, when traders and businessmen were at the bottom of the feudal hierarchy. Denied the cultural pursuits of the aristocracy, Osaka impresarioes expended their millions patronizing bunraku puppetry and kamigata kabuki into art forms. They invested even more on enhancing Osaka's reputation as the "kitchen of Japan," but always made sure they got their money's worth. Today Osaka is yet a main culinary place, and the city's notoriously forthright oba-chan (grandmothers) drive a hard bargain at the market.

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