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The City of Osaka

Osaka city with a population around of 2.5 million is the third largest and second most important city of Japan. Osaka is the economic powerhouse of the Kansai region until now.

Osaka was an international gateway since ancient times around of the 5th century. This city was point of meeting for people, profit, and information cultivated a liberal, forward-looking and enterprising spirit in the people of Osaka. This mental attitude, associated with the city's economic prosperity, supported the flourishing of the arts and enabled Osaka to play a leading role in the cultural development of the nation.

Osaka and the region as cultural and historic capital of Japan will continue advancing along the time as a nation of an important responsibility in order to the culture. The Osaka's city is making efforts to elevate its profile as an international cultural center by promoting cultural, artistic, academic, and sports activities in the city and enriching them through cultural exchanges with the rest of the world.

Osaka Travel Guide - Osaka Street
Osaka Street
Osaka Travel Guide -  Osaka Landmark Crab
Osaka Landmark Crab

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