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Eating in Osaka

Osaka offers a delicious part of food in Japan. The word "kuidaore" is the philosophy of Osaka, which means eat until you drop. Osaka enjoys the party, eat and drink abundantly. You will have the opportunity of experiencing Osaka's tastes if you arrive to Osaka.

Now we can appreciate some of the most famous recipes of Osaka:

Takoyaki: It consists in small delicious cake dumplings with a bit of octopus, is an emblem of Osaka. It is eaten as a snack or refreshment. The sauce is irresistible.

Okonomiyaki: It's a Japanese crepe or pancake, is another famous food of Osaka. The ways for preparing it and the flavor varies from restaurant to restaurant, from home to home. Osaka offers more Okonomiyaki shops than any other prefecture in Japan.

Crab Dishes: The crab is well-thumbed in the recipes of Osaka; it's very popular in Osaka.

Tecchiri & Tessa: Tecchiri is a pot of blowfish and vegetables, and Tessa is raw blowfish. Both very exquisite, the quantity of blowfish consumed in Osaka Prefecture is greater than any other prefecture in Japan.

Yakiniku: Yakinuku or barbeque is very famous in Osaka. Yakiniku arrived to Japan through the Korean peninsula to Osaka first, thereby making it some of the most authentic Yakiniku in Japan. Yakiniku is considered as "Stamina Food" and will increase your strength.

Kitsune Udon: Udon is a special variety of thick Japanese noodle and kitsune is a piece of sweet intense fried bean curd. The combination of the two in a bonito and kelp broth is exquisite.

Oshizushi: Oshizushi is a special type of sushi that uses a small wooden box to shape the sushi in little rectangles. You can see and taste the hardwork put into oshizushi.

Restaurant in Osaka:
  • Cui-daore: 1-8-25 Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan • 81 6 6211 5300
    Description: The drum-beating spectacled clown in front of the restaurant stands as a popular icon for fun and casual dining in the busy Namba district. Tasteful Japanese selections can be found on eight floors of dining.

  • Kani Doraku: 1-6-18 Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan • 81 6 6211 8975
    Description: If it is crab you're after, make your way to the Kani Doraku where this favored crustacean reign’s supreme. Whether you like it boiled, roasted, in a salad, with sushi or as a croquette, you'll find it here in large portions.

  • Mimiu: 6-18 Hirano-machi, Osaka, Japan • 81 6 6231 5570
    Description: Locals will confirm that Mimiu's is the best place to go for udon sukiyaki, a traditional Japanese noodle stew with cabbage, clams, eel, yams and other varying seasonal ingredients like shiitake mushrooms and mitsuba.

  • Okonomiyaki Madonna: 1-88 Umeda, Osaka, Japan • 81 6 6347 7371
    Description: Embraced by patrons for its favorable rendition of the dish that some like to call Japanese stuffed pizza, this Okonomiyaki restaurant is a hometown favorite.

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