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Listing in Osaka

  • All Nippon Airways ANA (domestic Phone: 0120-02-9222; international Phone: 0120-02-9333); Japan Airlines JAL (domestic Phone: 0120-25-5971, international Phone: 0120-25-5931);
  • Japan Air System JAS (domestic Phone: 0120-51-1283; international Phone: 0120-71-1283);
  • Japan Asia Airways (Phone 0120-74-7801);
  • Japan Transocean Air JTA (Phone: 0120-25-5971, (Domestic calls only +81(0)6-6344-2355)
  • Aeroflot (Phone: 06/6271-8471);
  • Air China (Phone: 06/6946-1702);
  • Korean Air (Phone: 06/6264-3311);
  • Lufthansa (Phone: 06/6341-4966);
  • Vietnam Airlines (Phone: 06/6533-2689)
Airport information:
Kansai International (KIX) Phone: 0724/55-2500; Itami Phone: 06/6856-6781.

Banks and exchange:
There are several banks near to Umeda, Shinsaibashi and Namba areas of central Osaka. Major department stores also provide foreign exchange desks, as does the Central Post Office, beside JR Osaka Station.

Kinokuniya is located behind the entrance to Hankyu Umeda Station, it attends from 10am-9pm, but the third Wednesday of the month, it's closed. In the Shinsaibashi shopping arcade, there is Athens Shinsaibashi, it has a special good choice of art books, while the four-storey branch of Tower Records in America-Mura has a great variety of foreign and domestic music and lifestyle magazines at highly competitive prices.

Car rental:
A rental car can also be a prudent alternative, if you are moving in groups. You can find several car rental firms near of Shin-Oska and Osaka stations (open 8 am-pm), such as Eki Rent-a-car (Shin-Osaka Phone: 06/6303-0181, Osaka Phone: 06/6341-3388). Also try Nippon Rent-a-car (Osaka Reservation Center Phone: 06/6344-0919) and PanaLife (Phone: 06/6949-1822).

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