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Pop Culture in Japan: Rusu sokkusu

It's on the wane now, but you'll still see plenty of high-school girls in rusu sokkusu (loose socks), baggy white legwarmer socks, worn as only the most dishevelled granny would do. The socks, which are held up by special glue, are believed to present plump calves in a more flattering light. What they're actually about is a form of rebellion from the strict uniform rules that students must keep to at school.

Much more trendy are robo-pets, such as Sony's Aibo and Sega's Puchii. This logical extension of the Tamagotchi craze, combines the latest artificial intelligence software with a cute robot animal that interacts emotionally with its owner - just like a real pet, but without the mess and only the occasional battery for food. The latest model of Aibo can recognize its own name and up to fifty simple words, and even take photographs through a camera in its nose.

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