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Pop Culture in Japan: Worlds and Will

The length of Japan it's possible to visit many other worlds than the one you're actually travelling in. These theme-park facsimiles of other countries range from Canada World in Hokkaido through to Huis ten Bosch in Kyushu, a painstakingly accurate replica of the Netherlands. Along the way, you can also discover many other mini-nations, including theme parks of old Japan, such as Meiji Mura near Nagoya. The popularity of these parks lies in the safely packaged exotic escape they provide from home without the inconvenience of long-distance travel, language barriers and nasty shocks, such as crime and disease.

Toyota's cute Will Vi car, described as looking like "Cinderella's pumpkin carriage", is just one piece in the marketing jigsaw that is the Will concept. Designed to capture the attention of the lucrative twenty-something female market, the car comes as part of a colour-co-ordinated lifestyle package that includes household goods produced by Matsushita, beauty products by Kanebo, even holidays and cans of beer.

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