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In regard to Real estate in Japan, the properties are plenty available; there are lots of houses, flats or apartaments in all major cities of Japan. They can be bought, and taken on rent or leased. There are many real estate agencies,Real Estate agents and brokers in Japan who help their customers to get a suitable home or apartment.

Every one of real estate agents have their own real estate property list from which their clients can choose their apartments or new homes according to their budget and preferred location.

Real Estate Agency or real estate companies

One of the most common methods of searching for a house is through real estate agencies or real estate companies, which are present in nearly every city of Japan. These agencies act as the mediator between the tenant and the landlord.

A real estate agent is known as broker too, and he/she is in the business of brokering real estate transactions. A real estate agent tries to find sellers for those who want to buy real state; he also finds buyers for those who are trying to sell real estate. Real estate brokers and their salespersons assist sellers in marketing their property and selling it at the highest possible price under the best terms; they also assist buyers by helping them to purchase property at the best possible price and under the best terms.

How must a real estate agent be?

In many jurisdictions around Japan, it is necessary for a person to have a license in order to be remunerated for services rendered as a real estate broker.The following descriptions could explain a real estate agent in Japan:
  • A real state agent is a person who holds, manages or is in charge of a real estate brokerage firm.
  • The brokerage that is the firm or business of the broker that can also be called a real estate agency.

Mortgage in Japan

Japan has one of the most vibrant economies of the world and the mortgage market is very thriving, too.

In Japan,there are two types of mortgage rates: fixed and floating; these vary according to the number of years. Apart from these mortgage agencies, the banks of Japan also give mortgage loans to the residents of the country.

All the leading cities like Tokyo and Osaka have a number of agencies that provide this kind of service. Also, foreigners with a permanent residency status can request a mortgage loan in Japan.

Real Estate Schools in Japan

Japan has the better real estate schools and the learning environment is conducive to an intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual growth. The tuition prices are exorbitant, but fortunately, for almost all expatriate transferees the tuition is paid by the companies.

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