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Japan Visas: Visa extensions

A Visa extension or renewal is indispensable if there is a change in your residency status or planned period of stay. It is prudent to apply for an extension almost for 2 months before your visa expires. If you intend to leave Japan temporarily, you must apply for a re-entry permit.

It is probable to extend your stay in Japan, depending on your nationality, visa status in Japan, and your circumstances. In most cases, whether you can extend or not is clearly defined by Japanese immigration law, but there is occasionally room for maneuver.

All extensions are controlled at the regional Immigration Offices - you should choose the one nearest one to where you are staying. If you are studying at a particular school, for example, you have to go to the Immigration Office that is responsible for that area. If you are just travelling, then you should be able to go to any Immigration Office.

Note: All applications must be constituted before the term of residence of your visa expires.

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