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Sapporo offers an excellent street system in Japan, it consists in a wide avenues connected to a compass-oriented grid of minor streets. These are numbered according to their order in relation to the main streets. From the perspective of a visitor, Sapporo can be segmented into four areas: north and south of Sapporo Station, Odori Koen, and Nakajima Koen. However is one of Japan's largest cities in terms of expanse, as a consequence, distances among places on the map can be quite far. But don't worry. The transportation network in the city is exceptional, with 2 subway lines running north to south and one east to west. The city bus service is also terrific.

There are three major centers of interest to the north of Sapporo Station. The Hokkaido University is one of these, in 1876 was known as Sapporo Agricultural School. Sapporo Brewery is another famous place in the city, not only for beer drinkers. The other main center of interest in this place is the Sapporo Racecourse which is used for horse racing and provides entertainment for the whole family.

The most interesting areas of the city are located to the south of Sapporo Station, with the downtown distancing from the station to Susukino. If you head directly south, you will arrive to the main administrative area.

Come back and you will find the offices of the main airline companies, banks and some financial institutions. Precisely in order to the east of the main thoroughfare you will see most of the principal department stores and a number of top class hotels.

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