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City of Sapporo

The city of Sapporo is young in relation to other cities of Japan. As the main administrative and business heart of Hokkaido, the city has grown and now there are around of 1.8 million of inhabitants. This place is big enough to have everything you need without the bothers of crowding. Sapporo conducts the cultural life of Hokkaido's. There are amazing and excellent museums such as the Ainu Museum, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art and the outdoor Historical Village of Hokkaido. With the exception of attractions of the city itself, Sapporo is a comfortable transit center for exploring this part of Hokkaido by train or rental car.

Summer is the culminating tourist season of the year when Japanese tourists are fleeing the hot humidity of the other south metropolises. The city provides several places and things to appreciate and do, from taking in the history, Sapporo beer, and museums, as well as the nightlife of Susukino. It is modern and clean, there isn't rainy season.

During the festival of summer usually in mid of July the people can find beer gardens at the Odori Park (city center), bon dancing in mid of August, and also hosts the Pacific Music Festival. When the summer is finishing approximately in September the temperatures drop quickly and rains are frequent, leaves change of color and the environment becomes beautiful for the visitors. Sapporo is popular for barbecued mutton ("Genghis Khan"), steaming hot ramen noodles and of course, good beer.

Sapporo Travel Guide - Sapporo Snow Festival
Sapporo Snow Festival.
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Sapporo Mascot

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